Marhuenda At A Glance

Marhuenda is specialized in kitchenware and household products for personal and professional use. It is a family owned business, the fifth generation is now in charge. We are a dynamic and modern company that uses work systems and processes that best fit today’s distribution methods.

The Company’s headquarters are located in El Campello (Alicante) with its main facilities: a 7,500 m2 warehouse with a system that allows us to reach up to 10 meters high, which enables us to manage nearly 9,000 references.
We also have a delegation with its own warehouse and sales team in the Canary Islands, as well as an office in Madrid and a sales team of 25 people spread all throughout the Spanish country.

We are present in all the channels of distribution. We work with hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialized stores, cash & carry, traditional kitchenware stores, hardware stores, furniture stores , home decor store, chains of stores and cooperatives.

We establish promotional activities with newspapers, banks and companies. All of this is accomplished by using a complex pipeline system for each channel. This allows us to offer our services to the whole country and abroad.

To reach our goals we follow the values and principles of the company :

- Commitment and Service. In our company we are committed to our customers, always looking for ways that result in a fruitful and lasting relationship with our partners.

- Products and Brands. A wide range of references covering all the needs of our branch, as well as numerous brands aimed at different segments we cover.

- Our Team. Commercial and administrative. Highly qualified professionals that will bring you their best advice for you and your business at all times.

- Our Facilities. Great logistics capacity, machinery and necesary means to provide you with the best services and to best satisfy your needs, which is what matters the most to us.

If you want to see the progress of "Marhuenda" and take a look at our history

- Ingenio - Las Palmas, Islas Canarias.

- El Campello, Alicante.

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Chyp products are designed to provide comfort and utility spaces of your home. Offering a wide range of utilitarian items for your kitchen, Chyp brand stands out for its furniture with a practical, yet innovative design, as well as a wide assortment of accessories that will make your daily life easier and more comfortable.

This brand is designed to make your life easier and includes everyday products that should have all home and establishment. Trucks purchase, clotheslines, ladders, ironing board, among other essential objects, tables Marhuenda makes the perfect brand to be able to carry out all kinds of tasks, but so comfortable and safe, helping you save time in your daily life.

Amaka is a brand designed to enjoy the open air and open spaces. With Amaka products, you can perform gardening tasks, go hiking, or relax outdoors, trusting that our Cookware will never fail you. Reliable and comfortable, Amaka products allow you to take a most of their activities outdoors without worrying about anything other than enjoy.