Kitchenware Specialists Since 1943

""Marhuenda" was founded in 1943 by D. Marhuenda Francisco Martí and his wife Mrs. Carmen Sariego Martinez, daughter of D. Antonio Sariego, owner of one of the first shops dedicated to the household in the city of Alicante, "El Sevillano", situated at Bazán, a major commercial arteries of the time in the city of Alicante.

D. Francisco Marhuenda was positioned with its first trade in Navas street 56, little shop dedicated to the public earthenware pottery and clay. Thanks to their dedication, hard work and effort at a difficult time in postwar getting few years to expand its business and establish itself as the reference in the trade sector. In the 60's, D. Antonio Baño Serna, to marry the only daughter of the marriage (Ms Carmen Marhuenda Sariego), joined the business and given his great entrepreneurial spirit and work, leaving aside the performance of his career in industrial expert, was dedicated in body and soul to this company, taking it to a new location on the same street Navas, at No. 32, with the expansion of business orienting to enhance your storage area and logistics, servicing the clliente professional throughout the province and little little to the rest of the country.

In a few years, given the good work and professionalism Marhuenda family, the receipt and distribution volume reached such magnitude that it became impossible to keep this location in the center of Alicante settling in Valencia Highway km. 121.3 in the town of El Campello, a coastal town north of Alicante, creating a warehouse for storage and distribution infrastructure pioneer regarding logistics and storage technologies, thereby optimizing transportation and delivery times.

In 1996, after the failure of D. Marhuenda Francisco in January and D. Antonio Baño in November of the same year, are his three young children and mother who begins to take over the business, bringing new commercial and management, which has led to today that the team represented by D . Antonio Baño Marhuenda and D. Francisco Baño Marhuenda lead to "Marhuenda" adapting to new times using modern tools to ensure service to guarantee the effective, quality service that customers require and deserve.

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